Which provider do Sugoimobile use?

Sugoimobile using NTT Docomo Premium 4G LTE, available in every place in Japan.

How about the internet speed?

Downloading data is 299 Mbps and uploading data until 45Mbps.

Can be use a 5G signal?

Not yet.

Can be used for tethering or personal hotspot?

Yes, without any additional settings.

Can I still use internet even if my quota runs out? How much for the additional cost?

Yes, without additional cost. But the internet speed will drop automatically.

Can I change my internet plan in the middle of the month?

Yes, you can. The new plan will be active in the next month.

Can I add the internet quota?

No, you can only choose from the available internet packages.

What about unused internet quota until the end of the month?

Unused internet quota will be lost and the beginning of each month will start again from the beginning of the selected quota amount.

How do I set up the card and the internet?

The SIM Card set-up is available on the paper that is shipped with the SIM Card. Or you can also visit the website

How about the payment?

The first payment is made by Cast On Delivery when the card is received. For the following month's fees, a billing paper will be sent which can be paid at the nearest convenience store.

When should I pay my next month's bill?

The following month bill can be paid at the end of the month after receiving the billing paper.

When will the card be received?

You will receive the card within 3 working days.

How much the price including tax?

1 GB : First Payment is 4,816 YEN and monthly fee is 1,516 YEN,
6 GB : First Payment is 5,806 YEN and monthly fee is 2,506 YEN,
20 GB : First Payment is 6,466 YEN and monthly fee is 3,166 YEN.

If a call comes in, is there a notification? Do I have to download the application?

If there is an incoming call, the cell phone will receive notifications without having to download other applications.

If I use it for calls outside of free calls or SMS is used, when do I have to pay the bill?

The bill will be included in the calculation 2 months after use.

Is the free 70 minutes call available to any number?

Can be used to call all numbers and operators in Japan, except for telephone numbers with
4-first number is (0180-XXXX-XXXX) or (0570-XXXX-XXXX).

Is it free 70 minutes for one call or what?

Can be used for multiple calls with a total of 70 minutes per month.

What if I want to temporarily return to my country?

If you still want to use the SIM Card, the internet package can be changed to the cheapest plan and if the return date is certain, the bill can be paid first.

Can the card be used in other country?

No, it can't.

Is there a termination fee?

If you want to terminate the contract, please inform us to deactivate the number, so that there will be no billing for the next month.

Can the card be used by friends?

No, it can't. Because the card has been registered according to the buyer's data. This action would violate the telecommunications regulations in force in Japan.

What if I forget to pay the bill?

Please contact us as soon as possible, because the phone number may be automatically deactivated if no payment is made.

How can I see the currently reached used quota?

For iOS/iPhone:
"Setting” → Cellular → Cellular Data: “Current Period”.

For Android:
"Setting” → Connections → "Data Usage".

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